ESP® (Energy Savings Platform)

ESP (Energy Savings Platform) is an online Information Technology platform for the Energy Efficiency community. Using ESP, states, utilities, ESCOs, trade partners and customers can now work together on EE programs and projects, collaborating to achieve more energy efficiency at lower cost.

World Wide Access

ESP is a cloud based service that is accessible using any popular internet browser. ESP uses a common body of code for all tenants (Organizations). ESP gives complete control of user accounts and privileges to each organization, allowing flexible information sharing and collaboration under the control of the organization.

Applications on ESP

We have implemented EE Program Plan Reporting, Program Performance Reporting, and automated EE measure calculations (Smart MeasuresTM) on ESP. We are rapidly adding new applications. We invite other software developers to create their own applications on ESP.

Low Cost

ESP is based on the Software as a Service model (SaaS). Hosting and development costs are shared by all licensed organizations. So Organizations using ESP enjoy the following benefits:

  • No servers to manage
  • No installation
  • No updates to install
  • Access from any popular browser

Applications on ESP

We have implemented the following applications on ESP:

  • EE Program Performance Reporting
  • EE Program Plan Reporting
  • Automated Measure Calculations (Smart Measures)
  • EE Project Definition

Coming soon...

  • EE Project Collaboration between Organizations
  • Smart Measure Visual Designer
  • EE Project Definition Visual Designer

We welcome inquiries from other developers who wish to implement applications on ESP.

More Information...

Please Contact Us for more information or a demonstration of ESP.